Discover The Difference Between POS & POP!


The difference between POS and POP

Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) could initially appear to be one and the same. Retailers themselves are sometimes confused between the two so, how do they differ from one another? They refer to different physical areas of a retail space and reflect the moment at which buying decisions and purchases are made. Never be confused between POP and POS again!

What is POP?

Point of purchase is an in-store location where products are displayed with the intention of increasing sales at first glance. For example, the physical display can vary from a gondola end or CTU and can be positioned anywhere in the store. The sole intention is to be eye-catching and encourage an impulse sale. A POP display is designed to highlight a particular product or brand.

Retailers use these displays to push promotions, seasonal or special offers, introduce new products and boost brand awareness. It’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not the actual display which is defined as the POP (known as the POP display) it is the space in the store that dictates the point of purchase. Interestingly, POP also refers to the moment when the buyer makes the purchasing decision, happening anywhere in-store and is the time the item is placed in the basket.

What is POS?

Point of sale refers to the final part of the buying process which takes place at the till, where the shopper completes the buying journey and physically makes payment for the product or service.

POS and POP are also applicable to online transactions; POP being the moment the item is added to your virtual basket, POS referring to the checkout area where you enter the payment details and confirm the transaction.

At Silverpoint Display our aim is encourage and develop POP and POS opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s creating a bespoke interactive display, bottle glorifier or a wall-mounted display for a retail environment, trade show or exhibition, conversion and final purchase are forefront in our mind.

We work in tandem with brands to understand their business needs, their product and the environment in which it is to be displayed, ensuring maximum impact for opportunity and engagement.

If you are a retailer or marketer looking for POP or POS inspiration, please contact us on 0161 439 8330, email or visit

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