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When the world of design meets computer science, interactive design is created. Interactive design is an expanding frontier in customer experience.

The concept of interactive display consists of creating digital products which can interact with people. In the retail sector, interaction has become an element increasingly enjoyed by consumers. Digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets are part of everyday life and this experience is now becoming commonplace in public spaces like shops or bars too.

Interactive displays are among the most popular ways to connect with customers inside a point of sale. Thanks to their ability to respond with human touch or behaviour, they enhance the shopping experience to make it more engaging than ever before, which in turn creates an association with the brand.

Digital engagement is designed to satisfy a specific need such as searching for information or browsing a catalogue. The facility is provided by six fundamental elements: real-time interaction, responsiveness, amusement, user control, personalisation and connectivity. Thanks to their intuitive screen interface they are useful, fun and simple to use with another huge advantage being that this sort of display fits into any retail environment because, as each is unique, it can be perfectly tailored to the point of sale.

We can see this solution has successfully been adopted by many big brands including P&G, M&S and also Tesco, who have installed touchscreen kiosks and interactive mirrors in several stores. Nike also use smart mirrors, innovatively showing excerpts of famous runners wearing brand products as customers walk past.

An example from Silverpoint Display is the LightwaveRF unit that we positioned within B&Q demo kitchen areas. The product allows users to control their power, lighting and heating from home via a wi-fi connection. Our supporting interactive display was a small compact unit, located on mock-up kitchen work surfaces, to capture consumer interest as they enter the showroom. The unit featured motion sensors with a built-in interactive TV commercial. Live product demonstrations were available in-store and the display screen could be updated via an intranet and central marketing hub.

Thanks to their adaptability, interactive displays are becoming more and more popular and are proven to enhance the customer experience. This in turn increases sales.

At Silverpoint Display we offer extensive design resources to supply interactive retail displays perfect for your brand, which will attract customers and enhance their shopping experience.

For more information about interactive displays, please contact us on 0161 439 8330, email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus!

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