Discover The Power Of Eye Level Displays!


When it comes to sales, no opportunity can be left to chance. This is particularly true when considering shelf placement. It is no coincidence that shelf positioning is the biggest area for debate between manufacturers and retailers.

Recent sector studies show the position of a product will affect its probability to be purchased. There are four possibilities when choosing product placement for retail shelf positioning: eye-level, which is most favoured, followed by waist-level, knee-level and ankle-level.

Best-sellers are usually placed to meet the eye-level of their target audience. Eye level varies in consumer groups. Consider for example, chocolate and sweets in a supermarket, or any product designed to appeal to children. These items are rarely positioned at eye-level for an adult, more likely at waist or knee-level, with the intention of raising visibility to children, known to be great influencers, so products are placed in their line of vision for best effect.

The average height and visual engagement for a product is directly linked to the audience it aims to reach and affects the display design process. It’s fundamental to position your display to ensure the biggest impact, making it easier, almost becoming a subconscious process, for them to take it in and engage with that item at a glance.

The eye-level shelf position is not the only factor which can affect a purchase decision. Other important elements include the colours used and lighting in your retail display, as well as the regularity in refreshing it.

Colours have a strong effect on consumer perception. They can be attractive or repellent by colour alone, depending on the age, mood, gender, social status of the intended end-user, or even the product category. Similarly, making regular changes to eye-level display presentations will help keep customers attention.

If designed and positioned properly, your eye-level display will attract customers, promote your products and enhance your brand image. This in turn will lead to an uplift in sales and customer loyalty.

At Silverpoint Display we work with you to create retail displays to attract attention and increase brand visibility. If you need some advice or have any questions on eye-level displays, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 439 8330, email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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