Discover The Power Of Pop Up Shops!


Pop-up shops (also called pop-up stores or pop-up retail) are the fast growing retail trend many brands are choosing to adopt. They provide brilliantly simple, but highly effective temporary shops or information points, easily set-up in shopping centres, events or other public spaces. They have a range of uses but their primary function is promoting products to raise brand awareness and engagement with customers.

One of the first pop-up shops was the Ritual Expo, created by Patrick Courrielche in Los Angeles in 1997. After this many big brands saw the potential of the new retail concept and saw the benefits of how easily they could attract customer attention. Something so simple, so easy to set up and take down, but most importantly, something which is suddenly recognisable as – “it wasn’t there before”!

Companies such as Levi Strauss, Motorola, Comme Des Garçons, Samsung and many more unveiled their own pop-up shops around the world, offering a new, instant shopping experience.

A pop-up shop literally “pops up” one day and can disappear the next. The key element of the concept is to provide a branded temporary structure. Often used by companies to promote seasonal products, they offer additional sales and engagement potential for highlighting such as a new product launch or exclusive offers; for example at an event or during premium consumer outreach such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. They can be installed at any time over the year, inside or out and they offer an instant retail space.

Pop-ups enable companies to create flexibility and accessibility to encourage interest in their brand. Customers interact with the brand in a new, fresh shopping space where marketers can freely express the brand identity in new creative ways. Temporary stores are also a good chance to test new products, locations or markets. Consumers are reassured by brand image within the smaller, more personal space and often spend more because the space is less formal.

The most amazing attribute of the pop-up shop, is that it allows start-up businesses or smaller brands to try the market or launch a new product with a relatively small investment, because they attract traffic and footfall with no long-term lease costs or the purchase of a retail space. They are easily stored and maintained and offer the opportunity to literally set-up shop in any location, providing of course the relevant traders licence is obtained!

Pop-up shops are increasing in popularity and there are now dozens of options available depending on budget. Silverpoint Display would be pleased to help you create a pop-up solution. To find out more about pop-up shop solutions, contact us on 0161 439 8330 or email or visit for more details.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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