Fancy A Punt On A Gondola?


There are areas in any retail environment that are more profitable than others. Store space which attracts more through traffic, such as your central horizontal aisle, offers opportunity to display impulse buys. Gondola end displays exist for this purpose.

Gondola shelving is a free-standing, double-sided unit with shop shelving on both sides. A gondola end is a product display placed at the end of an aisle. It gives brands and products placed there a competitive advantage as this position receives higher footfall compared to individual aisles.

For retailers gondola end displays are used for special offers, seasonal products and to encourage impulse-buys. For brands they offer a prime position for new-to-market products or ranges.

You can maximise this location further by not displaying too many products on the shelves. Customers need to clearly see and “lock” onto an item in order to make a purchase. Make end display products more visible by avoiding clutter.

Tell a story with your display by placing complimentary merchandise on adjacent shelves and displays. Gondola ends act like signposts for consumers; they will look at what is on an end display and make decisions about what is on the aisle behind it. Pay attention to which aisles you place gondola ends on and you will increase sales and improve the customer experience.

We have produced unique gondola ends for a large number of clients across many industries. Choosing the right height and width to compliment the items featured is key. The “sight and take” theory of product placement is based on merchandise being displayed at the optimum height, roughly around the torso of the average person. Colour, font and language used on the gondola end needs to be in-keeping with your brand, whilst also “talking” to the customer. These displays are part of the final purchasing stage and so must appeal to the consumer whilst they are in buying mode. Our experts at Silverpoint know how to best position your products to maximise exposure and ROI.

When it comes to retail display and getting your product and brand noticed, there are many routes you might take. Depending on the product itself, how you want to display it or where in a retail space you want it, there is a suitable display solution. At Silverpoint Display, we come, armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, to guide you in your decision and create for you a bespoke presentation stand that meets your requirements.

If you have products, a brand or campaign that you feel could benefit from a gondola end display or want to discuss your requirements with experts in retail and point of sales display, please contact one of the Silverpoint team on 0161 439 8330 / 0203 714 4858, email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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