Find The Marketing Tip Scent From Heaven!


“He’s got a nose just like a bloodhound and the rest of his face don’t look so good either.” – Groucho Marx

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is paramount to separate your brand from the masses and this seems to be harder and harder to do. A way to pin-point, or isolate, brand identity is to create memorable experiences and emotional connections with the end user. This can be achieved by consistent and familiar brand messages, recognised by the consumer using techniques such as interactive displays, visual design and sound marketing.

But, it is our sense of smell and awareness of scent which is acknowledged as our most emotionally engaging faculty! Utilising it correctly, scent can create an emotional response, subconsciously connecting with a memorable experience and having a very positive effect on consumer behaviour. It has be widely accepted that scent marketing can boost sales, heighten customer awareness and therefore engagement, leading to long-term brand loyalty.

Scent branding is not as simple as it sounds. There is chemistry behind it. There is never a case for merely dispersing a pleasant fragrance in or around a product or retail environment. It is about analysing a brand, their target audience, the marketing messages and it is the interpretation of these factors which offers up the opportunity to further define those values into a scent, by amplifying those unique ingredients.

Research has endorsed these findings, showing that humans have attuned sensors to smell in particular, recognising scents with 65% accuracy after a year, compared to 50% visual recognition after only 3 months.

A strategy implemented by Toni & Guy illustrates this point. A hair salon is a very personal and trusting environment, where introducing a conversation about products on sale needs to be handled discreetly as it can often be deemed inappropriate, sometimes too pushy, by the customer. T&G stylists realised that when one of their conditioners was used, customers commented on the delicious, reassuring and relaxing scent, often asking about the products they were using. In turn this lead naturally into a conversation and ultimately resulted in a sale simply by allowing subconscious association.

Scent is a very flexible marketing tool which can be applied in a variety of business and retail environments. From retailers like Selfridges to clothing stores such as Hollister. Whether it’s the comfort and warmth of fresh coffee, baked bread, cut grass, grated lemons or a waft of perfume, our sense of smell will transport us to places that every other sense places at face value. It is the secret weapon for marketers and can be a highly effective boost to your brand.

If you are interested in sensory marketing techniques or you’re considering incorporating scent marketing into your strategy, please get in touch. We’d love to help you create a scent ID. Call us on 0161 439 8330 or or visit for more details.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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