How Secure Are Your Instore Products?

Silverpoint Secure POS

Why secure product displays are key?

With millions of pounds a day lost to theft and shoplifting across the UK, security is a crucial aspect of modern product displays and unfortunately it is not a totally foolproof solution to the problem. Insurance offers financial protection from theft but it does not come cheap. Sadly, Incorporating security solutions into product displays is now commonplace, acting as both a deterrent and securing the item completely. Consequently, they help protect your product effectively and may reduce the cost of insurance.

What are the options?

In a world where a product’s design is vital, interactivity at the point of sale is key. One of the most challenging aspects for product displays, is to provide effective security whilst allowing the customer to effectively interact with it. There are many solutions to this problem and you only need to walk into your local electronics store or clothing store to see a whole host of them. Some solutions are more applicable to certain products than others. Here are three common options.

Electronic Article Surveillance (Tags)

A retail industry standard for many years, this option involves tagging merchandise with electronic tags. Detection systems are placed at the exits from the store which sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts staff if it senses an active tag. These tags are removed or deactivated by staff when the item is purchased at the check-out.

Grippers and Brackets

If you have a high value product that requires a greater level of security, then a product gripper or bracket is a good option. They are designed to house the product and secure it to the display itself. This solution can utilise cable snappers/tethers for a good balance of security and product interactivity. Product grippers can also be directly installed into the display for maximum security and often incorporate alarm systems to add another layer of protection.

Display cases

This option is for very high value products which are not worth the risk of putting out display. There are two main types; the first encapsulates a singular product whilst the other houses multiple products. You see this often in jewellery shops. They are usually counter-top or free-standing cases made from glass or perspex, in which the product is displayed. To examine the product, the customer must ask a member of staff to do so.

Bespoke Design

There are many generic product security options and providers. However, they usually impinge on product’s aesthetics and are often inadequate for many products. At Silverpoint, we specialise in providing bespoke and secure product displays which are developed specifically to your product’s needs. We can provide the most secure, interactive and attractive security solutions on the market. Working with the likes of Chivas Regal, LIFX and many more, we are experts at incorporating effective security solutions into all many types of displays, including free-standing display units, counter-top units, gondola end displays and bottle glorifiers.

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