If You Are In The Bottled Goods Industry You Need To Read This Carefully!

Bottle Glorifiers

The bottled goods industry has always been highly competitive and the biggest challenge for any company or product is to stand out from the crowd. There are many marketing and display options that can help increase your brand’s visibility, gondola end and interactive displays for example. However, the most widely recognised and successful are bottle glorifiers.

Bottle glorifiers are a display option that is designed to accommodate a bottle, and enhance its branding. Designed to be in keeping with the product’s image, they develop upon it to tell the customer more about the product and/or company. They can also be designed as full bottle encapsulations, which house the bottle entirely within the display and are used for presentation purposes. With packed shelves and big names taking up prime space, it is hard for a company to find new innovative ways to improve sales.

Research has proven that bottle glorifiers make products more appealing to the consumer and directly results in increased sales. Hence they are an excellent marketing tool to differentiate your product from the competition. As you may have seen, retailers often and very successfully utilise bottle glorifiers as a platform to showcase offers and products of interest.

Retail can enhance their impact further by utilising product placement and incorporating other product display options such as gondola end displays, freestanding display units and counter top display units. Aside from retail, bottle glorifiers are commonplace in bars and restaurants where presentation is key, they are often used to provide the product with a classy, enticing image.

Incorporating other display methods can really enhance the impact of a bottle glorifier. Using light displays, for example, are very common, when lit the light disperses through the bottle triggering a spectacular effect that draws attention to the bottle. Another option is to utilise sound and/or interactive features within the display, this engages the customer further and can provide an extra point of sale.

Here at Silverpoint we are specialists in providing unique bespoke bottle glorifiers, having worked with many high-profile brands. We believe that to produce a quality bottle display, that has impact, one must respect and understand the product so the bottle itself is amplified rather than undermined.

To ensure that we get the high quality results that the customer expects, we produce each bespoke display on an individual basis. If you have a brand you would like to promote using a unique bottle glorifier don’t hesitate to get in touch and our creative consultants will be happy to work with you to create the perfect design.

Contact the Silverpoint team on 0161 439 8330 / 0203 714 4858, email info@silverpoint-display.co.uk or visit www.silverpoint-display.co.uk.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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