Maximise Your Budget With POS!

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The point of sale is not just a place, it is an event. It’s the moment when your customer picks up your product and pays for it. That is the time that all your hard work pays off.

In that instant, your investment in your brand pays a return. All that research; all that branding; all that social engagement; all that advertising; all that effort and all that hard cash.

The point of sale, is the last link in your marketing chain and it makes sense to maximise it. Marketers are becoming more and more aware of the value of investing in great retail display, at the point of sale.

Here is how to maximise your marketing opportunities at the point of sale so that you secure those extra sales.

1. Retailer
Is it strange to consider the retailer before anything else? Well, no. I’m sure you know, retailers decide whether or not to list your product. They also decide whether or not to place your sparkling new display units. There are warehouses all over the world stuffed to the gills with beautiful point of sale displays that retailers have refused to place. Therefore, it makes sense to consult retailers to make sure that there’s something ‘in it’ for them. If you can build something valuable for the retailer into your promotion beyond the basic ‘increased sales’ proposition, you will dramatically increase your chances of having it placed strategically.

And don’t stick to the boardroom; ask the guys on the ground. When we were briefed to design a range of promotional items for a very popular brand of lager, we toured pubs and bars to ask barmen what they felt could be added to their lives to make them better. The strong answer came back that they needed something to cool hot glasses straight from the dishwashers. We designed a beautiful device that cooled and refreshed glasses with cold water and added theatrical low-voltage lighting effects that entertained their customers. They were thrilled and positively encouraged us to place install the retail display unit in bars nationwide.

2. Creativity
It’s tempting to choose a retail display provider because they provide ‘free’ design. But this is definitely a false economy. Great retail display design is never free, to get the right retail display design solution you need to use great designers and they cost money. Independent designers are the best; they have the flexibility to specify the best materials and methods for the application. Consider paying a little more for good design to get the maximum return on your investment. At Silverpoint Display, when we design your retail display our designers are free to choose the best materials and production methods for the job.

3. Brand
So many brands accept shoddy treatment of their brand when it comes to POS. Distortion of logos and deviation from brand manuals that they would not tolerate in any other field. Which is a shame because brand consistency at this last final stage can seriously lift sales. At Silverpoint Display we always ensure that your branding is at the heart of every retail display we design.

3. Production methods
Designing great retail display for the point of sale is something that we specialise in at Silverpoint Display. We’ve been adding value to our clients’ brands for many years. And because we are independent of all manufacturers we use any combination of production techniques that we feel work best. Injection moulding, vacuum forming, fabrication, whatever it takes. We use steel, aluminium, glass, acrylic, wood The result is, that we design and produce the best looking and best forming display units there are.

If you would like to find out a bit more about how Silverpoint Display can help you to Maximise the return on your marketing budget, Call 0203 714 4858, email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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