Never Mind The Width Feel The Quality!

Textile Graphic Wall

When you have been in the display and graphics industry since 1983 as I have, you tend to have been involved in a variety of challenging projects. One of the most challenging involved fabric graphics. I am probably one of the few project managers who have printed on muslin and installed it in a former church at the Venice Biennale. Even so, I love fabric graphics.

In 1984, I was asked to screen-print a graphic of a Las Vegas Card table onto a green felt and then create a backdrop on a display system 3 metres high by 10 metres wide. The result was exquisite and it was then I could see the potential in Fabric graphics. I love the texture it adds to imagery and even more so the robustness of textile graphics.

In 1998, I converted my old Electrostatic Plotter to dye sublimation inks and in 2000 my company purchased a Monti Antonio roller Calendar press to transfer the paper prints to textiles. Today textile graphics are the one of the fastest growing sectors in the advertising industry. Sublimated textile prints can be dry cleaned, ironed and are relatively fade free. They can be created to almost any size, in some cases the size of a football pitch. The display industry is now starting to create some exciting exhibition products to house textile graphics.

One of the best is the Grand Fabric Display system (see photo). It is designed to create maximum impact. The frames are can be straight or curved and available in two heights of 2.4m and 3m. The frame can house graphics front and back, giving your display even more impact.

The next time you sit down to plan an event or a promotion, please consider textile graphics and displays. If you need some advice, please email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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