Refresh Your Brand With A New Display!

Quantum Stands
Quantum Modular Display System

The first modular display system was produced by Marler Haley in the UK in 1952, but it wasn’t until 1960 that Vauxhall Motors first identified a need for vertical surfaces to support graphics. And so the multiscreen display board was created. Nearly 60 years later it is still a very popular portable display system.

The modular display system has progressively transformed exhibitions and point of sale for marketeers. Exhibiting, advertising or promoting with the use of modular display systems has never been easier or more affordable. The choice of modular displays is vast; the range of accessories and graphic options, virtually unlimited.

Members of the Silverpoint Display team have been involved in the modular display industry for more than 30 years, offering unrivalled experience in designing, creating and sourcing the best displays from around the world. At Silverpoint Display, we understand we are accountable not only for creating impactful display systems for our customers, but also, and as significantly, those which are less so on the environment.

Many of our clients demand a display solution with a low-carbon footprint which includes manufacture, logistics, maintenance and storage. Many also request a system that is flexible, easily assembled, portable without losing the essence of their unique identity.

Value for money is, and always will be, a necessity for customers and another strength of Silverpoint Display. We have the ingenuity, experience and expertise to advise clients and help create their vision using modular display solutions that guarantee extremely impactful results, without extreme impact on the environment.

If you need some advice on a current project or recommendations for a modular display system or graphics, please call Sean, Jane or Steve on 0203 714 4858 or email

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