Simple Method For Increasing Brand Awareness!


Our brief was to create Free standing and Gondola end displays to increase awareness of Forgefix and Torxfast; two new brands of hardware for the building and construction industry.

The product is heavy so the displays must be strong and durable enough to carry a lot of heavy product yet be flexible in terms of merchandise content to accept a multitude of different products.

Displays must be modular in construction to accept a range of accessories. Interchangeable graphics are required.

The aim of the Free Standing Displays was to increase awareness of Forgefix and Torxfast within the building trade and create strong early sales of the new product ranges.

The units were designed to be placed at Trade outlets throughout the UK and installed as a permanent fixture with easily updatable graphic facilities.

Firstly, we designed free standing displays for both brands then we designed attention-grabbing graphics for the side and back panels. The display was developed through to prototype and production.

For more details on this project, please call Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email

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