Why You Need To Mind Your FSDU!


A free standing display unit (FSDU) is a key component of any marketer or retailers Point of Sale (POS) marketing toolbox. The FSDU is perfect for increasing the impact of a new product or a promotional offer and is a great product placement tool for maximising brand awareness. They can be designed for all retail environments, often placed as end-of-aisle gondola ends and shop entrance displays.

Free standing display units are designed to present the product’s branding on a bigger scale, vastly increasing product visibility. Bespoke FSDU designs can help you send a unique message to the consumer that is hard to accomplish through other channels. With our high quality free standing display units you can effectively raise your brand’s profile and subsequently increase your sales.

Effective Point of Sale

Every week there seems to be a new point of sale marketing craze that will transform your sales. Although many of these are useful, the FSDU which has been around for years and years, is widely recognised as one of the most effective point of sale marketing tools. Brilliant at making any product stand out from the crowd, they are also very versatile and can be designed in conjunction with other tools such as bottle glorifiers and interactive displays. Providing quality FSDUs, to retailers can be advantageous for both parties, helping increase floor sales.

Get your brand out there with the right display

Point of sale displays are all about putting your branding out there by using the right message, which compliments your company’s image. The design and quality of your FSDU can say a lot about your company, either positive or negative. Our objective is to analyse your product and branding, to design a display that brings your “product to life”.

High quality at the right price

At Silverpoint we can help you design the FSDU that will suit your requirements, grow you sales and meet your budget. We are proud of the quality of our materials, we utilise cardboard, plastic and metal to provide a wide range of FSDUs suitable for any environment. To create the high quality display units that our customers expect, we analyse each product on an individual basis so we have a good understanding of the current branding and can provide an innovative approach.

If you have a product, brand or campaign that will benefit from a bespoke free standing display unit, or if you would like to talk to an expert about which point of sales display options could help you, then please contact one of the Silverpoint team on 0161 439 8330, email info@silverpoint-display.co.uk or visit www.silverpoint-display.co.uk.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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