Do Your Displays Engage As Many Of Your Customers Senses As They Could?

AV DisplaysAV displays and multimedia display stands are now part of the everyday retail and exhibition display mix. As technology develops at an ever-growing rate, so does the ability (and affordability) for all levels of business to incorporate these solutions into their marketing/advertising portfolio.

But why choose AV and multimedia? Why are they better than more traditional forms of display, such as the pop-up banner, modular displays or display counters and podiums? One word: interaction.

In our information hungry world, where the consumer demands news, entertainment and engagement immediately, AV and multimedia displays provide the solution. A display screen in a retail environment can highlight seasonal products, the latest offers or tips, as well as advice on how to use a particular item.

This, along with price details of where they are found in-store, can be circulated regularly to encourage interest and engage customers subconsciously guiding them to the designated areas in store.
At a trade show or exhibition, multi-media displays will attract attention and levitate a brand from the crowd. For example, a new product launch can benefit considerably from light, sound and video allowing you to showcase its features, USPs and capabilities to potential customers or investors.

Used in public areas such as places of interest, reception areas or transport hubs, multi-media screens can sometimes eliminate the need for a promotions team. Interchanging video messages which clearly display directions, itineraries or schedules, will answer consumer questions and support way-finding.

Silverpoint Display put the customer experience at the heart of any display project. If AV and multimedia is correctly targeted, it will be an effective and consistent driver, supporting longer term marketing strategies and offering instant return on your investment.

We have a range of off-the shelf multi-media display stands offering reliable infrastructure for your latest digital campaign, delivering elements such as video, websites and social media channels directly to your target audience.

Contact Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email for advice on how to bring your ideas to life.

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