The Commodity Item That Can Galvanise Your Marketing & Increase Sales!


Introduced in 1998, the humble banner, banner stand, pull-up or retract actable banner has sold in millions across the world. Labeled as pound for pound the most powerful marketing tool in the world by clever marketers, the roller banner is a flexible and effective weapon in your sales armoury.

If you are looking for a Pull-up, Retractable or Roller Banner, then look no further than our range of banners. Choose from a stylish, single Retractable Banner to our unique DL Plus Linking Pull-up Banner.

The banner stand is a staple product for almost everyone. This doesn’t mean all banners are created equal however and you need to consider colour and graphics quality, location, mounting style, replacement of damaged images and many other elements.

Silverpoint’s team are here to advise you and help you make the most cost effective choice for your projects. We can also bring you up-to-date on new features as they are introduced into the market.

If you need more information email

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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