Discover The POS That Displays 3 Stages Of Nutrition!



The brief was to create a free standing display that successfully presented the benefits of a three stage nutrition programme for athletes optimised for before, during and after training.

The aim of the proposition is relatively complex; our primary mission was to create a display that would inform and educate quickly and also present a range of products for immediate sale.

Our first job was to make the proposition as easy to understand as possible so we firstly re-named the three nutrition stages of training:
– before: ‘Get Ready’;
– during: ‘Go for it’;
– after: ‘Recover’;

and then we gave each a more descriptive sub-title.

We were asked us to make use of an existing display structure, we were restricted to the use of a graphics panel and shelf strips to present the sales message.

The display was split into three sections and clearly identified.
Because product information is carried on the packaging we decided not to include a leaflet dispenser, to encourage customers to pick up product instead which would make them more likely to buy.

The display was developed through to prototype.

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My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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