Life Size Replicas, Props And POS Go Digital!


Life size replica models of brands has been popular since the birth of advertising. Even P T Barnum, used life size models of circus animals to promote his events.

Major brands use life size props, replicas and oversized models to invite attention or raise visibility, particularly at events. Models tend to be constructed of fibreglass, papier mache, cardboard engineering or more recently, giant inflatables.

The next stage for creating life size replica products is using digital technology. Silverpoint Display can take a 2D photograph of your product and convert it to 3D. The 3D rendered image is then converted into an exact copy of your product which details the original shape, image detail and resulting in a printed material ‘skin’. Cleverly engineered internal support structure manifests into a free-standing, life size replica which is simple to set up and take down on site. These clever props are completely flat packed for easy transportation and the printed skin is washable, crease resistant, will not fade and can be weatherproof for outdoor use.

These versatile pieces of kit can be used in many aspects of brand marketing from raising awareness, highlighting products, retail display, product launch to PR or promotional events and festivals. Life size replica products are known to increase sales at the point of purchase.

This creative concept can be used to replicate almost anything : perfume bottles, mobile phone cases, drink bottles, clothing, food, insects, animals – even people!

Our life size models are made in the UK, to ensure best practice and production quality and this makes them ethical and environmentally sympathetic too – they can be recycled over and over again and by manufacturing in the UK, we can ensure lead times are met. The minimum quantity is just one.

Make an impression ! Contact Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email for more information on our bespoke life size 3D product range.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus!

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