Discover The Self Build System With A Life Time Guarantee!

National Grid

‘Is it a bird, is it a plane’, is a popular phrase, made famous in Superman comics. I often get clients and exhibitors asking a similar question about our portable architecture modular display system. It looks custom built but is in fact a state of the art, lightweight frame, clad in semi-rigid panels.

For the last 20 years, this futuristic system, designed on a theme by Buckminster Fuller has been the modular display system of choice for some of the worlds foremost exhibitors.

Portable architecture is the flagship of our ‘No Tools’ lightweight collection of modular display solutions. Portable architecture is designed to be flexible, portable, assembled quickly, with little tools and minimal training.

Our portable architecture clients have access to the full range of our service’s which include, design, storage, logistics and installation.

Portable Architecture is a modular display system. It can be configured in multiple shapes, formats and dimensions. It can be fully configured with Conference screens and Multi-Media.

Silverpoint Display portable architecture modular systems can be used in conjunction with Aluminium Profiles and incorporated within Shell Schemes.

Silverpoint Display portable architecture is a system which in terms of manufacture, longevity and usablility has a low carbon foot-print. It is one of the most environmentally Friendly Display systems on the market.

It is designed to be robust and with out Lifetime guarantee offers a return on investment which many systems find hard to match!

Silverpoint Display portable architecture; the ultimate display system for ultimate performance. For more information on portable architecture, email or visit


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