Creating Compelling Theatre With Wall Mounted Displays!


We could compare the world of retail innovation to the world of fashion. Every season we see new, extraordinary creations on the catwalk, tempting us to redefine our wardrobe and the way we think about clothes – and our image.

The world of fashion is continuously on the move, proposing new looks and styles, refreshing our external appearance Whilst innovation is paramount, wardrobe staples such as the little black dress remain a key fashion must-have (for us girls at least!)

The world of retail display works in a similar way with new trends coming and going. But core elements remain at their heart. Technology development offers us regular new digital solutions to improve in-store design, a more imaginative shopping experience and ultimately, drive up sales. Good examples include interactive display, augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) but there is still a place for more traditional display in retail merchandising.

Wall-mounted displays are a great example. They are a simple, effective way to highlight products and make them ‘stand out from the crowd’ in the same way we choose wall-mounted displays in our homes; to showcase personal objects we value such as awards, collectibles or treasured family heirlooms.

The success of wall-mounted display lies in engaging with visual instinct. Human instinct gives attention to what stands out in our field of vision. Showcasing items draws attention, allowing customers to focus on specific products contained within it and adding other effects such as lighting and/or props will further boost the impact of the display.

There are different uses for wall-mounted displays; display cabinets are a good example. Usually made of durable glass or acrylic, wood and aluminium, this solution is incredibly versatile, protecting valuable or fragile items they are commonly used not only by retailers, but also in museums, schools and public spaces.

Wall-mounted shelving is another option; to store books, magazines, or clothes. Another alternative is using display boards to show off smaller items such as photographs, hair accessories, key rings, jewellery for example.

Highlighting ‘best sellers’ or protecting fragile items aren’t the only benefit to this solution. Another advantage is that it frees up retail floor space, allowing more room for FSU or ‘theatre’ features to encourage customers to navigate the store more easily and potentially offer a wider product choice.

Wall-mounted displays provide retailers with many opportunities and Silverpoint Display believes they will be around for sometime yet!

We offer a consultation service to create bespoke solutions which suit your brand and budget. If you are considering wall-mounted displays for your retail space and need some advice, please just contact us on 0203 714 4858 or email



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