How Silent Sales Men Often Make The Biggest Noise!


A ‘silent salesman’ is not a person! ‘Silent salesmen’ is a retail solution used to direct customers or provide information, in order to drive sales. Signs, displays and packaging are all examples of ‘silent salesman’.

Let’s look at some examples…

Clear, simple signage helps customers navigate their way around the store. Without directional prompts, customers may become overwhelmed or impatient, encouraging them to give up and leave the shop empty-handed – and frustrated! This is a NO WIN situation for the seller and the buyer! Research illustrates that unhappy customers are more likely to let their friends know about an unhappy shopping experience than a happy one!

Retail design and visual merchandise is a combination. Research proves people do not pay much attention as they wander through a retail environment. Make their experience easier and keep them in-store longer with well-placed, well-planned signage and you will see an increase in sales. More time browsing = better conversion. Display price and product information clearly so it is easily accessible. Highlight sales and promotions to make the purchasing decision seamless.

As the name suggests, ‘silent salesmen’ act as a member of your staff, providing details such as location, price and other product specific information. Silent salesmen will never replace in-store assistants completely but positioned alongside them, a ‘silent salesman’ can provide valuable assistance when a salesperson is not on hand. If a customer is still undecided about a purchase, they may seek out a shop assistant for more reassurance but if, for example, all staff is busy with other customers, a silent salesman can make the difference in SALE OR NO SALE!

Using signage and themed displays in store can fill the gaps, therefore increasing your chances of a sale. Your silent salesmen may be the difference between customers leaving the store with or without a sale!

Interactive Displays

Today, interactive displays are great example of silent salesman. Packed with all the information a customer could need, displays, which react to movement and behaviour, give consumers a unique shopping experience.

An interactive display can be the most valuable solution, to grab customer’s attention, highlighting a product and brand by engaging with an informative and entertaining experience, sometimes through applications and games.

In turn, this increases time spent in store with your brand, leading to a higher conversion of sales. Individual interaction provides a bespoke, personalized experience, which influences the buyer’s sub-conscious.

Brand loyalty, brand ambassadors and brand awareness are born through engagement on a personal level. Not only do customers return but also they will encourage their friends and family to do the same.

Recommendation by word of mouth, social media ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, ‘Comments’, ‘Retweets’ and #hashtags, YouTube views, reviews, blogs and vlogs… all influencers, endorsements and outreach, can be generated via interactive displays.

Virtual Reality

The future of retail marketing and advertising in two words – VIRTUAL REALITY!

VR offers unique and extraordinary experiences to customers and is already being used very effectively in the retail sector. You could say the silent salesman strikes back! The role is evolving within technology as the digital age gives the store more sales opportunities.

Interactive shopping, virtual sales assistants and apps, allowing the creation of a personal view; design your kitchen in situ, upload a photograph of yourself to model clothing before you buy, are both examples of how retailers are using these digital tools.

Consumers are more likely to purchase products they have tested. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, using latest technological advances to boost in-store experiences, will increase sales and give you an advantage over competitors.

Silverpoint Display offers great ideas and a wealth of experience in designing bespoke retail display solutions. Interactive displays and latest technology are part of our every day offering. If you need a retail partner who can take your visual marketing to the next level, speak to us! Call 0203 714 4858 or email


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