In 2016, I celebrated my 33rd year in the display industry. In that time I have witnessed many changes in the industry and many new innovations and interesting products. One of the most interesting displays was the Rattan Roller Banner.

Made of 100% Rattan Palm Fibre (From sustainable sources), they were as beautiful as they were revolutionary. For clients wanting a banner that was a little bit out of the ordinary, the Rattan banner was a wonderful alternative.

They popped up in Zoo’s, Spa retailers, organic retailers, Garden Centres and places projecting an image sympathetic with Nature.

The age of austerity and the perception that banners are commodity items has seen the demise of the Rattan Banner which is a shame. In the early days we marketed the Laguna Roller Banner with a carry bag & graphic panel at £299.00 each.

I have 34 left in stock and for a short time, they are available for £149.00 each, ex vat and delivery.

If you require a new banner, wish to make a real statement and want a display with great eco credentials, look no further that the Laguna Roller Banner.

For more details, email or call Steve on 0203 714 4858.


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