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I am a digital imagineer. I have dedicated my Life, promoting Ethical, Large Format, Displays & Graphics. I welcome your thoughts. Email me;




6 thoughts on “Steve Howard

  1. Hello Steve,
    I read with interest your article re. Marie Charlot the artist.I also have an oil painting of a beach scene with two victorian ladies painted in colours very similar to your painting.I often look up on the internet to see if i can find out anything about the artist,but on this occasion i found your comments about buying a painting in 1985 which looks very much as if painted in the same theme and by Marie Charlot.Do you think there is any current interest in the artist and of course any value ?
    Richard Singer

    1. Dear Richard,

      Like any painting it depends on who wants to buy it. There has been a lot of interest in Marie Charlot paintings. I would suggest that there is a few hundred of these & all of them were painted by a different person. I was offered 5 times the price I paid for mine by my ex boss 20 years ago but turned it down & glad I did. My advice is to keep it and in another 20 years there may be some interest in these paintings.



    2. Dear Richard,

      Marie Charlot was a fictional painter hired by Collector’s Corner Inc. back in the early 70′s. Painters from China were hired by this company and given a list of names for the painter to put on the painting when finished. People were more likely to purchase from an English, American or French name than they would if it were signed by a Chinese name.
      That was the market back then. These painting were done on a massive scale not always by the same artist. Painters were shown a reference piece and painted slightly different versions. China is still selling these types of painting each day, now you can find them on ebay with many names close to someone who is noted artist.

  2. Vey interesting stuff. It’s like who’s scamming who. I got my MARIE CHARLOT very inexpensively. It is nice and if I am offered a large sum, I maught accept, if not, I like art by many artists and I will hang it somewhere in my small home.

  3. Hi Steve came across your website. Been doing alot of research on a painting I have. The 5 ladies on the beach. Can you plz give me some info on this? It is an original, oil canvas, framed in original & signed. I love this. she was an amazing artist. Is there any value to this piece When did she pass away, I would love to know her life story.
    Thank you, Liz

    1. Dear Liz, It seems that Marie Charlot was a fictitious name, used as a brand by an American memorabilia reseller, similar to Franklin Mint. It seems that a group of Chinese artists were paid to create Impressionistic paintings under the guise of French Impressionist Originals. That is all I know. I have 3 and cherish them all for their intrinsic pleasure.



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