Accelerate Your Sales With Sound!

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Sound display? Sounds good!
Sound is scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on human emotions. It is proven to increase or reduce heart rate and consequently, blood pressure. If used within a retail environment audio displays can have a profound effect on customer engagement and sales.

A study conducted at the University of Strathclyde, illustrated how music tempo influences the amount of time people spend in restaurants for example. When soft, calm music plays in the background, customers relax and spend more time within the environment, in direct contrast to diners where up-tempo music is played.

Sound is a perfect way to grab attention! If there is synergy between the chosen sound and the brand, the benefit an ‘audio display’ can make in-store is tremendous. Firstly, it encourages customers to seek out the source and secondly, it invites engagement and focus on the product for a longer period of time. This combination represents a significantly greater likelihood that the customer will commit and buy.

Brands sometimes use sound to drive emotions and feelings to ultimately make their brand, added to the shopping experience, more personal for the customer. Those exposed to directional audio within an area of a store or POS, stay an average 15 seconds longer than customers who are not exposed to audio aids. When combined, sound and vision become the most effective retail tools to engage with customers and endorse the brand message.

So, it’s important to choose the right sound to associate with a brand or display. There are many examples of successful brand association whose sound is effectively used to drive sales and increase customer engagement to the point that when heard, it’s an automatic, subconscious reaction.

Master brands such as Apple, Starbucks and Abercrombie & Fitch select background music for their stores to resonate with the image they want to convey. Brands looking to attract a young audience favour loud, imposing music to capture their target audience’s attention. High Street fashion outlets, particularly sportswear stores, use this tool very regularly; some host in-store parties, booking DJs and bands to promote the shopping experience and act as a lure to their customers.

Creating a calm and relaxing environment in a spa demands soft, soothing and tranquil music, often instrumental or natural sounds such as the ocean. The objective is to slow the heart rate and breathing to encourage relaxation to enjoy the experience more deeply. Go into a gym or fitness class and you expect louder, up-tempo music with a definite beat you can follow while working out.

Sound can help you achieve atmosphere and identity to reflect your brand.

If good sounds sound good, talk to us about audio displays, how they work with the subconscious and the advantages they can offer. Contact Jane on 0203 714 4858 or email

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Discover The Self Build System With A Life Time Guarantee!

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‘Is it a bird, is it a plane’, is a popular phrase, made famous in Superman comics. I often get clients and exhibitors asking a similar question about our portable architecture modular display system. It looks custom built but is in fact a state of the art, lightweight frame, clad in semi-rigid panels.

For the last 20 years, this futuristic system, designed on a theme by Buckminster Fuller has been the modular display system of choice for some of the worlds foremost exhibitors.

Portable architecture is the flagship of our ‘No Tools’ lightweight collection of modular display solutions. Portable architecture is designed to be flexible, portable, assembled quickly, with little tools and minimal training.

Our portable architecture clients have access to the full range of our service’s which include, design, storage, logistics and installation.

Portable Architecture is a modular display system. It can be configured in multiple shapes, formats and dimensions. It can be fully configured with Conference screens and Multi-Media.

Silverpoint Display portable architecture modular systems can be used in conjunction with Aluminium Profiles and incorporated within Shell Schemes.

Silverpoint Display portable architecture is a system which in terms of manufacture, longevity and usablility has a low carbon foot-print. It is one of the most environmentally Friendly Display systems on the market.

It is designed to be robust and with out Lifetime guarantee offers a return on investment which many systems find hard to match!

Silverpoint Display portable architecture; the ultimate display system for ultimate performance. For more information on portable architecture, email or visit

Discover Your SSI Today!

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I began my sales career in 1980, after breaking my leg in College playing soccer. My first job was a baptism of fire, selling Life Assurance for Canada Life on the 5th floor of one of the three Graces in Liverpool – the iconic Cunard building, built by Samuel Cunard for the world-famous shipping line.

The training was pretty intense and professional as were the tools to do the job – this training and the methodology employed to sell insurance has helped me thrive in sales until the present day. In sales, you probably have four key indicators as to how effective you are in your role or profession:

  1. Your personal sales revenue against target.
  2. Your relationships with your clients.
  3. Your relationships with your colleagues.
  4. Your relationship with your manager or managers.

Apart from your sales which can be specifically measured and considered an objective measurement, the other three can be construed as subjective and as such skewed by personal bias.

As sales people, we tend to be chameleons and probably not the best judges of our performance in the three subjective indicators. I have studied this phenomenon meticulously over the decades as times change and even the products and services I sold changed.

I started off in consumer selling and then moved into B2B and found the parameters changed significantly. One of the tools I used to try to gauge my performance was ego grams. In later years they have been superseded by more accurate measurement systems but I always enjoyed using them.

With the advent of digital marketing, many of us are now profiled on LinkedIn. I was sitting at my desk today when I received my usual bulletin from Linkedin which asked me to check my Social Selling Index score.

I must admit I had never heard from it before. I clicked on the link and my score was 76 out of 100 – not bad I thought particularly as I did not have a clue how I arrived at this score and after finding out about this concept only today. As a curious individual I was intrigued to know more.

According to LinkedIn, who launched it, The Social Selling Index is a key measurement tool for sales and marketing professionals. Linkedin track your social selling activity and analyse your performance.

The software tracks at both the individual and organisation level and claims to ascertain the organization’s efforts with respect to social selling.

LinkedIn’s social selling index is said to provide you with more insight about your performance. You can use your score to measure your performance against your industry peers and your network on LinkedIn.

Your SSI is calculated against four parameters:

  1. Establish your professional brand.
  2. Finding the right people.
  3. Engaging with insights.
  4. Building relationships.

You can improve your SSI in 4 ways:

  1. Establish your professional brand – Remember to create a profile which is customer friendly. You can enhance your brand by posting meaningful content.
  2. Find the right people – Use research tools and find ways to identify your prospects.
  3. Use Insights to Engage with people –Grow your relationships by creating and sharing content.
  4. Build relationships – Connect with influencers and decision makers to strengthen your network.

If you are on LinkedIn, try it – It is fun. If it helps you with your Social Selling or Selling in general, it is worth five minutes to check it out. Personally I like the old ways as much as the new ways – You could say I am a Luddite Early Adopter, whatever that means.

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How To Change Buying Habits With Point-of-Sale!


The brief was to create a revolutionary counter display to sit within electrical wholesalers, near the pay point and introduce Redring products to the trade.
Built in foamex for strength and durability, the unit had to show four ranges; showers, instantaneous hot water, stored hot water and water boiling products. Each range should dispense leaflets.
The aim of the display was to change the habits of electrical installers and get them to consider the profit potential of installing water heating products themselves, rather than outsourcing.

We designed several options as line sketches and colour visuals then progressed the preferred solution through to CAD development, prototype and production.

For more details on this project, please call Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email

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Discover The POS That Displays 3 Stages Of Nutrition!



The brief was to create a free standing display that successfully presented the benefits of a three stage nutrition programme for athletes optimised for before, during and after training.

The aim of the proposition is relatively complex; our primary mission was to create a display that would inform and educate quickly and also present a range of products for immediate sale.

Our first job was to make the proposition as easy to understand as possible so we firstly re-named the three nutrition stages of training:
– before: ‘Get Ready’;
– during: ‘Go for it’;
– after: ‘Recover’;

and then we gave each a more descriptive sub-title.

We were asked us to make use of an existing display structure, we were restricted to the use of a graphics panel and shelf strips to present the sales message.

The display was split into three sections and clearly identified.
Because product information is carried on the packaging we decided not to include a leaflet dispenser, to encourage customers to pick up product instead which would make them more likely to buy.

The display was developed through to prototype.

For more details on this project, please call Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email

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Life Size Replicas, Props And POS Go Digital!


Life size replica models of brands has been popular since the birth of advertising. Even P T Barnum, used life size models of circus animals to promote his events.

Major brands use life size props, replicas and oversized models to invite attention or raise visibility, particularly at events. Models tend to be constructed of fibreglass, papier mache, cardboard engineering or more recently, giant inflatables.

The next stage for creating life size replica products is using digital technology. Silverpoint Display can take a 2D photograph of your product and convert it to 3D. The 3D rendered image is then converted into an exact copy of your product which details the original shape, image detail and resulting in a printed material ‘skin’. Cleverly engineered internal support structure manifests into a free-standing, life size replica which is simple to set up and take down on site. These clever props are completely flat packed for easy transportation and the printed skin is washable, crease resistant, will not fade and can be weatherproof for outdoor use.

These versatile pieces of kit can be used in many aspects of brand marketing from raising awareness, highlighting products, retail display, product launch to PR or promotional events and festivals. Life size replica products are known to increase sales at the point of purchase.

This creative concept can be used to replicate almost anything : perfume bottles, mobile phone cases, drink bottles, clothing, food, insects, animals – even people!

Our life size models are made in the UK, to ensure best practice and production quality and this makes them ethical and environmentally sympathetic too – they can be recycled over and over again and by manufacturing in the UK, we can ensure lead times are met. The minimum quantity is just one.

Make an impression ! Contact Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email for more information on our bespoke life size 3D product range.

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Do Your Displays Engage As Many Of Your Customers Senses As They Could?

AV DisplaysAV displays and multimedia display stands are now part of the everyday retail and exhibition display mix. As technology develops at an ever-growing rate, so does the ability (and affordability) for all levels of business to incorporate these solutions into their marketing/advertising portfolio.

But why choose AV and multimedia? Why are they better than more traditional forms of display, such as the pop-up banner, modular displays or display counters and podiums? One word: interaction.

In our information hungry world, where the consumer demands news, entertainment and engagement immediately, AV and multimedia displays provide the solution. A display screen in a retail environment can highlight seasonal products, the latest offers or tips, as well as advice on how to use a particular item.

This, along with price details of where they are found in-store, can be circulated regularly to encourage interest and engage customers subconsciously guiding them to the designated areas in store.
At a trade show or exhibition, multi-media displays will attract attention and levitate a brand from the crowd. For example, a new product launch can benefit considerably from light, sound and video allowing you to showcase its features, USPs and capabilities to potential customers or investors.

Used in public areas such as places of interest, reception areas or transport hubs, multi-media screens can sometimes eliminate the need for a promotions team. Interchanging video messages which clearly display directions, itineraries or schedules, will answer consumer questions and support way-finding.

Silverpoint Display put the customer experience at the heart of any display project. If AV and multimedia is correctly targeted, it will be an effective and consistent driver, supporting longer term marketing strategies and offering instant return on your investment.

We have a range of off-the shelf multi-media display stands offering reliable infrastructure for your latest digital campaign, delivering elements such as video, websites and social media channels directly to your target audience.

Contact Silverpoint Display on 0203 714 4858 or email for advice on how to bring your ideas to life.

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